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2008 June 13 [Friday]


I avoid blogging personal stuff but since there are too many lists and too many people to inform, here goes... Today there was a personal tragedy to a close family member and I just returned from the hospital. I will not be available for some days, and of course, volunteer work is on hold until further notice. If you dont hear from me, you know why. Thanks!

2007 December 24 [Monday]


Thanks to ramkrsna and runa, i got a new gotchi !

2007 September 16 [Sunday]

Mmmom r0cks

On Tuesday, my mother called to say that the machine would not boot and I suspected some hardware problem which has been a recurring issue for some months now. I was right but without physical access to the box I could not check the wiring so the best I could do was ask her to wipe the disk and reinstall Ubuntu... and .... she did it all alone and I am so proud of her :-)

Ma has always been comfortable with technology and is a lot more spunky in experimenting than me, so Linux has never been an issue or a mental block for her. 

[evil grin] Now if only I could get my Grandma hooked to Ubuntu [/evil grin]!!

2007 September 2 [Sunday]

Moved house

Moving house is an icky experience and the only plus is ridding junk stuff collected over time. I remember reading somewhere that anything one has not used for over a year (or was that six months?) should be thrown out or given away.... bleh, do books unread for a year fall into that category?

All my stuff is still scattered and i spend more time searching for things in boxes which contain god knows what.... Why do weekend's end before beginning ??

After a long time I got to cook stuffed baingan with a masala of daals and roasted with imli paste, with roti, rice and kadi with fried vendakai. Gastronomical nirvana !!

Y'day i bought some plants for a garden i hope to create, yet again. They are still in plastic covers but i plan to buy some pots to re-transplant them.... i wonder where to buy earthworms for vermiculture? The nursery didn't have any for sale and i don't fancy digging up the public gardens for worms...& also need to buy mud (and time?) too...gee, this weekend got over even before it could begin.