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2005 October 2 [Sunday]

Sanskrit locale update

Just finished a last minute correction on the SA (Sanskrit) locale. Too many long nights this past week reading about Unicode and Devanagari support, keymaps and key-bindings, on Linux. And as I write this, its past 2 am yet again.... Volunteering can cause insomnia and sleep deprivation.

2005 September 25 [Sunday]

Sanskrit locale

Recently, I started working on the Sanskrit (SA) locale with Christian bubulle Perrier for Debian. I've been told it is a long process to get the locale package approved, but I have to write it first -- for this I have to also learn how revision control systems work, how and why the system needs a locale, UTF-8 and Unicode, and so much more. Hopefully, I will finish it soon and the next Debian release will include the Sanskrit locale that I am writing now.