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2010 September 25 [Saturday]


Kinda sad to see all the effort put into a complete community volunteer-driven event almost come to a standstill under the shadow of local communal politics -- the Ayodhya verdict. Given that I missed last years even for personal reasons, it seemed the Ayodhya verdict would be the roadblock this year. Not.

Today, David Goodger kicked off the second Pycon-India 2010 in Bangalore with his keynote speech while briefly dwelling on his Indian 'adventure' -- no seat-belts in the autorickshaw!? The auditorium hall echoed with laughter!  Then it was a series of talks on python 2to3, multicore programming, and many more talks .... The only irritating part during one talk was one audience member interrupting the speaker to discuss the topic/ask questions. Probably this resulted in the speaker not getting enough time to finish his talk and demo the code completely. In a 30-min talk it would be a lot nicer if the audience restricted their questions to the last few minutes *after* the speaker completes the talk.

Another interesting talk was the screen scraping talk but I'll return to my lazyshell under the pretext that the videos will probably be uploaded online in a few days. Else, you could just attend the second day of pycon coz the nicest part was good 'ol networking, old friends, meeting new ones and the barcamp style corridor chats with people. Considering that the attendees were almost 500+, the inpycon team really pulled off a community event quite successfully! Now I gotta get some sleep if I need to make it for tomorrows event!

2009 October 7 [Wednesday]

more PyCon-IN-2009 moments

Finally both the key organisers decided to blog and its always nice to read detailed posts. 

Shyamshankar : "......The next session, was mine...... on “Idiomatic Python”.......The focus of the talk was ........ Python 3.x. .....there should have been more core language talks......."

Kenneth writes : "....my first experience of interacting with with a non-foss group,...... I stayed cool ........ During the testing period, there were a lot of suggestions, comments and criticism, by and large constructive and helpful, although some of them were totally inane...."

My tiny (almost zero) contributions were testing his app online, so i hope any comments / suggestions didnt sound inane ^_^

Noufal modestly opines : ".......and I don’t think I’m being immodest if I said that I did a decent job. The credit for the whole event though belongs to the entire community since everyone pitched in at the right time to keep the whole thing running smoothtly. Give yourselves a hand..........."

Although I couldnt make it, all the attendees who blogged about the conference had only good things to say about pycon india 09. That, in my view, is the best credit any event organiser can get.

2009 October 3 [Saturday]

PyCon India 2009

Last weekend, when I got calls asking which talk I was attending at Pycon-India, I kicked myself for not being in Bangalore and missing the event which we started planning in Feb'09.

Parthan opines : "........When the first discussions happened, everybody doubted it might become just another conference discussion that will never happen. It has taken the support and sheer determination of quite a number of people to make it happen. We just wanted to try it once, to at least see how the Python community responds to such initiatives and it has ended up being more than encouraging to make this a yearly event......."

This shows that a true-blue COMMUNITY event can be pulled off and flawlessly executed in around six months, where all the planning was online via lists and irc, with 3-4 ground meets. Cool ! The folks who deserve to be congratulated are Kenneth, Noufal, Anand. Kamal Govindraj, Ramdas, Anand, Senthil, Indudhar, JANASTU, and many other people whose names I have missed (and didnt mean to) here. Do holler if you helped out.

Here are some more blogger opinions.

Shailesh Kumar : "....It was first Python Conference in India and I felt inclined enough to go all over to Bangalore from my home place Noida and attend the conference....."

Jaganadh : "...talk by Anand B Pillai  on "Python tools for Network Security". ...The next talk was by Senthil Kumaran on "Algorithms in Python".....Really his presentation style was rocking one!...."

Baiju shares some pyctoral moments by Ponnusamy.

Raji : "....my first experience ...proud to be the only female to give a talk in Pycon India 09....my friend Shrini who encouraged me...."

PYCON.Blog : " ....Over 350 delegates and 30+ speakers attended the event.... A notable instance is the participation of 75 students from the Rajalakshmi Engg College in the neighboring city of Chennai, who just hopped on a train to Bangalore en-masse....."

Abhishekh Mishra : ".........Idiomatic Python and other language features - What an excellent talk on the language by Sykora. Like, did you know a try... except block could be faster than an if.. else in a loop. This has been tested by Sykora. Differences between upcoming Python 3.x and 2.x were clearly highlighted,.............."

Arun : ".........This was my first lightning talk.......creating a simple casual game using Pyglet called ‘FruitCatch’..........."

Pavan : " .......I spotted a snake in the green lawns of IISc,......I thought IISc would have a good infrastructure, but when I went there all I saw was smelly loos, broken benches, ....connectivity was very good, the WiFi was also pretty good...."

Chandan : "......Hall L4. This session was given by Senthil....the implementation of Sieve of Eratosthenes....brief overview of various sorting techniques...bisection sort , tim sort of python, sorted function and timer function. This session was very informative...."

Harish : "....The fifth talk was on ‘Automated Testing of Web Applications’ by Sai Venkatakrishnan. The talk focused on the popular web application testing tools available in Python......"

Lakshman :" ......There was a talk on design patterns that explained various design patters: Singleton, Iterator, Factory Method, Strategy, observer, decorator. Creating a singleton using decorators is a nice little thing I got out of this talk....."

Three months to go for 2010, and among other things, I look forward to SCIPY from 12--17Dec2009, comprising of a conference, tutorials and Sprints which I hope to attend for 2-3 days atleast.

2009 September 4 [Friday]

Python wants diversity and INpycon

Some months ago Aahz started the diversity list which has had discussions on a diversity statement which will be put forth to the PSF for approval (or did GvR ack it already? I am too lazy to wade through the emails now) which would be incorporated on the main python.org site. The diversity wiki page has a bunch of reading links already -- a lot more exhaustive than the UW wiki page. Way nicer page to point as 101 lessons for cluless humans!

The py-world is large space and while it may not be possible to jet halfway across the globe to attend a pyconf in the US or EU, we have a better way to communicate seamlessly via blogs -- planets aggregating blogs have always been an easy way to showcase and increase the voices within any community. Yeah, planet.python.org it is, but not all the folks around the world are there and what about folks who dont want to have the overhead of maintaining a blog --yeah, ask this lazy blogger about that feeling ...pfft !

Presenting "python-open-mike" -- your chance to be heard. So all ye python users having anything pythonic to say can simply email their thoughts to : <post@python-open-mike.posterous.com> to be heard. Its that simple.  Btw, there was a call for moderators for open-mike so if you are reading this and want to volunteer, shoot a mail to diversity AT python.org

Now onto the next big event this month :: INpycon ! Gee, september is here already !?Its the first conf that i'm helping organise simply because i like the chilled out +ve attitude -- a scarcity if you know what i mean ;)

Well, the sponsors team was lucky to bag Zeomega and Thoughtworks, which have already pitched in generously as sponsors. However we are still open to the idea of more corporate sponsors that are into Python. So if your company uses Python extensively and you would like to pitch in financially, here are some open sponsorship slots :

Premium Sponsors: (INR.50k+) - you are welcome to contribute more

What you get :
 - Name, Blurb on our website
 - Link back to company from our website
 - Dedicated Banners at venue
 - Mentions on our main banner under 'Sponsors'
 - Stall at venue
 - Access to contact information of delegates
 - Company brochures in swag kits

Associate Sponsor: (INR.25k)
 - Name on our site with a link back to their site
 - Name on our main banner under 'associate sponsor'

Associate: (INR.10k) [Mostly for individual donations]
 - Name on our site (no link back)

So if you want to become a part of the local Python community and sponsor this event, please mail me " vid AT svaksha d-o--t c-o-m " or leave a comment on this blog. (PS. I check emails more often than blog comments so the former will gt you a faster response from me.)

Btw, online registrations for the first Indian Pycon scheduled to take place from 26-27September 2009 at IISc, Bangalore has not yet closed. If you have not registered as a delegate log on to the pycon-india website to register online. Now!!

UPDATE : http://python-open-mike.posterous.com/my-post-on-python-wants-diversity-and-inpycon