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2010 September 18 [Saturday]

ILUG-Bangalore meetup today

Announcing the ILUG-Bengaluru Meetup on Saturday 2010Sep18

Time:  1800 - 1930 hrs

Venue:  Jaaga,  Rhenius Street (Off. Richmond Road) , Opposite Hockey Stadium, Shantinagar, Bangalore

Directions: http://jaaga.in/contact


Open house:        Anything goes barcamp-ish session.

Regular Activities:         GPG keysigning - http://www.debian.org/events/keysigning

Note:  This is a back-to-back meetup with Ubuntu-IN . The Ubuntu-IN meetup is from 1630 to 1800hrs and is about Indian Language Localisation and all other things Ubuntu.

2010 April 22 [Thursday]

python lug meetup on 20100425


Bangpypers, aka Bengaluru/Bangalore Python meetup is scheduled for Sunday, 2010apr25.

Time:  1500 Hrs onwards.

TenXperts office in Koramangala. On Hosur Main Road opposite Star Bazaar there is a small cross road (attached to Robert Bosch's compound). TenXperts office is on that road above Innovative Cars shop on the first floor.

Here is the map<http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=robert+bosch+koramangala&sll=12.936987,77.612818&sspn=0.004298,0.009645&ie=UTF8&hq=robert+bosch&hnear=Koramangala,+Bengaluru,+Karnataka,+India&ll=12.939067,77.612658&spn=0.016145,0.038581&z=15>

Agenda:   This meet will be focussed on taking an existing floss project and working on it. Current suggestions are Pygments and a Python standard library module for unit tests, but feel free to suggest and/or work on your own choice of any floss'y python project.  If you are new to Python, you are most welcome to come and learn. The idea is to get a local community along the lines of dojorio.org [English translation].

2010 January 6 [Wednesday]

key signing party with DD Sean Finney


There is a meet today evening for key signing, followed by a dinner. Debian Developer Sean Finney will be there.

People interested for key signing or attending the meet, please feel free to join us.

Venue: Koshy's Restaurant
Time: 18:30 hrs IST


PS: Please carry a copy of your ID (preferably Passport or Driving License) for the Key Signing.


2009 November 17 [Tuesday]

bangpypers lug meetup

Date and Time : At 16:00 hrs on 2009Nov22 (Sunday).

Venue :  ThoughtWorks Technologies ; 2nd Floor, Tower C, Corporate Block ; Diamond District, Old Airport Road ; Bengaluru

Proposed agenda: R.Mahadevan's talk on python bindings for llvm.

2009 February 7 [Saturday]

Do you LUG?

Theodore asks if your local LUG is active at all? A very pertinent question, given that information, documentation and bandwidth access is freely available today. Today collaboration across the world is a lot easier with better communication, easier and cheaper access, more Linux toys, including an excessive overflow of data and irrelevant information. It makes is harder for the average human to sort and pick out bits and bytes relevant and useful to her.

However, I would extend that bar a bit higher and ask "what did you do?". Yeah, I could have asked "what does your LUG do?" but isnt the LUG made up of its people and if YOU are waiting for someone else to invite you for a meet or get things going, its going to be a long 'n cold wait :) Umm, lets see...Bengaluru definitely did not have any LUG community activity. Local LUG's are an easier entry point for women and getting the local LC chapter to sync itself within other user groups in their respective cities is something that I've seen LC'0rs around the world do. Collaborating and assimilating within the community is the best way forward.

In 2008, Bangalore had one Linuxchix meetup, interspersed with FSUG meets but does'nt the silicon valley of India need more !?! When a new bengaluru-LUG was started in October it reignited things but not enough. I've always wanted regular meets which are technical in nature so when Ritesh came up with the idea of themed discussions for LUG meets, we did just that.

We had a LUG meet today which was kindly hosted by Thoughtworks (thanks :-)) and attended by 10 people, which started off late and went on till around 5pm. If ever there is a competition for long LUG meets I'm sure this group will be good contenders :-D. We didnt have a dearth of topics to discuss and after some ranting on "handling a$$holes" and "making LUGs work", ... we moved on to some stimulated technical discussions on server side configuration using ldap and pam integration, puppet, opensshd-server (and how to compresses your ssh connection). Ketan spoke about git and how he runs a daemon for ssh in git and pushing code upstream, hardware based encryption, port forwarding with ssh. openVPN, some rants on Indian ISP's blocking ports and the eternal nerd complaint : blocking all sip/voip traffic in India.

Ritesh spoke about BACKUPS (dont we all know why :-P), device mappers to take snapshots and he clued us in on rsnapshot a file based system, rdiff-backup, zfs (solaris), rsync which takes diffs of a block. He was not entirely happy with the current tool state and wanted to take diffs between blocks that could sync over different sized disks, etc. Now he is the "bakra" for the next meetup :: to do a live demo on backups in Linux. We ended with the PGP key-signing and dispersed for lunch at 5pm :) that is also a reminder that should probably reschedule the bi-weekly Saturday meets to a post-lunch session, given that most folks have personal engagements during evenings.

Even if a lot of information on Linux is available online, with some excellent documentation and lists/irc help, its definitely lots more fun to meet and chat live with people who share a common interest. The connect is easier and a lot nicer than I can describe five hours worth of discussions on a blog.