Most phone/cell companies sell their phone users database to telemarketers without user-consent which is something we live with, even through calls at odd moments when companies try to sell X/Y/Z credit cards and so on… but recently an advertising agency has been trying to palm off tobacco products as health-related products. (Those were the exact words used !!)
The sales agent would not give out the name of the tobacco manufacturing company, which I guess would be revealed only if I heard the longish information pitch, rather she kept insisting that this tobacco product was healthy (sic) as it contained lower amounts of tobacco when compared to other brands of cigarettes. Despite asking to take my number off the database the call center does not give up.

Advertising and marketing products with typical jargon twisting is one thing (maybe even justifiable) but using the convoluted logic that a tobacco-product is healthy as it had a lower tobacco content, hence can be marketed as a health product (exact words used by 3 different agents) is an outright falsification of years of tobacco-related scientific cancer research. India has a substantial illiterate population and millions of teenagers who ape their film star’s on-screen smoking antics, all easy prey for such products but more disturbing is the involvement of Indian companies who dont spare a thought for the disastrous health consequences.