This post makes it after a long latency period that I'm not proud of. Apologies Boudewijn!

Boudewijn Rempt, CTO of KO GmbH, a company that works on open source projects around KOffice, OpenDocument and Qt is looking for Indian university contacts for establishing project channels to increase volunteer contribution to Free/Libre software.

In Europe, he has been a mentor of a student who did his MA Thesis on writing brush engines and algorithms for Krita and had visited India in May to give a training to some university students who were going to do an internship with Nokia, working on KOffice. A large part of that training was about getting involved with a free software project and he would like the opportunity to do the same for other groups of students and would love to work together with people to set up similar projects at Indian colleges, universities and with companies because when students do their internship or thesis in cooperation with a free software project, they will learn a lot that is really valuable: working together with teams, producing software that has end users, working with large, real-life code bases and the projects might gain long term contributors.

According to Boudewijn, KOffice is C++ based, very few applications can be scripted in Python and they use some Python scripts for things like quality control, but the core apps and libraries are C++. You can read the detailed build instructions and if it interests you then directly contact Boudewijn Rempt at (private) OR (company address).

PS: Feel free to circulate this widely to all Indian universities and colleges as Libre Software is meant for everyone/anyone interested in learning something new.