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2008 February 7 [Thursday]


A few hours ago i heard some good news.... it was certainly long overdue :-)

2007 September 30 [Sunday]

a letter

Dear N,

I hope you are safe and ok. Since the last few days after hearing news reports about the situation in your country I am worried about your safety. All my mails are bounced and am unable to connect via phone too, which is not surprising considering the life and constraints you all live under. I could not believe the news reports and remembered the discussions we used to have about using non-violence for human rights effectively. I feel guilty about ....[edited].... and cant even imagine how harsh, difficult and violent life must be there now.......[edited stuff which may reveal identity of person]....... I dont know who is reading this mail so I will not write much. I very much prefer to talk to you. Aware that you don't have Internet access, I am blogging this hoping that you read it and contact me, while trying not to reveal your identity and endanger your life. I wish you all the success but selfishly pray that you are alive and well.

Worried Friend.


Request: If anyone reading this blog knows how to get in touch with people in Myanmar/Burma, please leave a comment or drop me a mail.