While installing Mailman, in Ubuntu/Debian based systems, $ sudo aptitude install mailman,  will throw a prompt asking you to choose one language out of a long list.

Choosing English and hitting "enter" only displays the GUI box. Moving the cursor down, pressing shift (Ctrl/alt) with a combination of every alphabet and character key on the keyboard, would not let me select any language. The 'Esc' key and 'ctl-c' didnt allow me to close the window or proceed with my installation so the obvious choice was to terminate the terminal window. Installation incomplete. Frustrating.

Google and irc didnt offer me any solutions to what was, in my mind, a tiny tiny "something" that was missing somewhere, but what?

To select a language, use 'space bar' on your keyboard and press the 'tab' key to enter and select the language of your choice. This will complete the installation process. Its that simple but not very intutive, huh?!  I wrote a tiny note on the MM wiki as others had reported the same problem and left it at that, except for $AP nagging me to blog as it would benefit folks while I felt its too simple and that probably makes me a lazy and irregular blogger :) which means I should have been able to convince him to start using the blog I have created for him! Not?!

On an unrelated note, I found a wonderful course on sendmail basics.