For over a year, getting a new theme has been on my mind because S hated the black theme. Pffft, out went the "depressing" black screen and for a few days I tried living with the white background, rewrote the CSS with bigger fonts, added some colour, and tried keeping images to the minimum. No can do. I hated the white background. A middle ground compromise had to be gray and even though pastel shades are dreary on webpages i'll live with it for now.

Other important stuff like the linguistics blog that I started has been sitting on the back burner these past few days, partly because i've been having a more interesting time talking to people with similar interests. Also I daresay its the back-to-back chaturthi + navratri season and a sudden writers block but what about the other love of my life : Music !?  Its been months since I attended music class and I have no clue how a one month break stretched out this long.  As the initial frequency of practicing at home dipped the disapproving murmurs grew louder and louder and I've never managed to get away with "mood nahi hai". Traveling, surgery, lost my notation book, were some excuses that aided moi not wanting to practice -- for me music is something that i've got to feel from within me, not because my neighbour loves to hear me belt out a revati or todi. When that mood strikes its usually midnight and the whole world around me is sleeping or i'm among a huge crowd of people -- imagine belting out Tukaram's abang while walking on the road...heh, people would wonder if i'm crazy!