Rain kinda killed my hope for a white christmas but after catching up on 2012, good food and dancing with friends over this holiday season, I ain't complaining. The flurries flew in last night and today, so after the lake trip, which turned me into a five year old fishing for smooth pebbles in icy waters, our weekend turned red - literally, with merlot, cabernet, and dolcetto flowing around.

I found the dolcetto quite acidic [a detailed listing for acid/alkaline forming foods] as compared to the cabernet, although technically its the other way around. But am told that this also depends on many other factors like the soil, the fermentation process, region it was produced, etc. That I agree with, as it rewinds me to the experience of drinking wines produced within India, to put it politely - now imagine me scrunching my face in disgust at the horrid taste. Besides, the humid Mumbai weather makes it a pain to store wines properly and I only have so much space in my Fridge. Mom, in all probability, must've thrown the last bottle of red wine which I'd preserved for some years, as an experiment.

The whites (Chardonnay and its ilk) dont work their magic for me. I prefer the dry and semi-sweet (scale of 0 to 7 and mood permitting may even push a 10) and the most tempting surprise was Eiswein, but it tipping the scale at 24 was a definite no go.

Maybe I'll be more adventurous the next time! 2009 had forgettable recovering surgical moments and I so look forward to 2010.

Happy holidays / Merry X'mas (belated) / Happy 2010 !!