Kickstart is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and they plan to kickstart your Sunday with a special edition of Startup Saturday at IIM Bangalore on 2008June15 (this sunday), with a program targeted at new start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The event is all about introducing the concept of entrepreneurship in a more scientific manner, along with the stages & challenges of entrepreneurship, product development, choosing appropriate technology, various sources of finance & selling one's concept to a VC, preparing a Business Plan, etc.

Some of the speakers you will hear include :
1) Dr. Mohan Tambe, CEO, Innomedia Technologies, Bangalore.
2) Mr. M J Aravind, Venture capitalist, Bangalore.
3) Mr. Raghunathan Perumal, CEO, Agile Labs, Bangalore.
4) Mr. Sujai Karampuri, CEO, Sloka Telecom, Bangalore.
5) Prof. Suresh Bhagvatula, NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, IIMB, Bangalore.
6) Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Serial Entrepreneur, Bangalore.

and they will give you gyan about ::

Talk 1. Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship
Talk 2. Idea Validation
Talk 3. Business Plan - Basics
Talk 4. The Founding Team
Talk 5. Technology and IPR
Talk 6. Product Management and Marketing
Talk 7. Legal aspects of setting up your own company
Talk 8. Selling + How to talk to a VC + Alternate sources of funding, followed by Panel Discussion

If you plan to attend, register here or send your confirmations to or