When it rains, it pours. How true ...

Starting week3 of the new year sick has echoes of the past which morphed into a crashed desktop disk and spiced things up with the Ubuntu kernel trouble on the lapy. Subtracted power last weekend for good measure and salted with patchy internet (/me being pro-active, changed it :)) when bestowed with power....boiled over to me wondering if i should have gone for it after all. Since i didnt, it was time for the IndiChix meetup last saturday with Ankita, Vikram and Balu (the Bangalore Mirror reporter) in attendance. Maybe its the location(*)... do we need to find a convenient, central venue in the city ? What the heck, i tend to go around in circles anyway. /eye roll.

Anyway the article that was supposed to be about women in Technology somehow landed up in the entertainment section of Bangalore Mirror. [/me cringes] So if anyone did read about us on Jan19 in the Bangalore Mirror, kindly fill in the blanks, since they dont have a website and Balu was not able to get a copy (sold out he said) that day.
Not that there was a deluge of applicants for this call ; which I announced today, making it easier to focus on stuff i really care about. I also posted the meet-up minutes to the list for further discussion. We had feedback that our website (which is a wiki) is very confusing for newcomers to navigate. Sheesh...... I have to agree that information is difficult to find but a wiki is always like that, in a constant state of flux. A static site is not inclusive and a wiki allows even a newbie to voice themselves. That is not an excuse, but the fact remains that none of the i'chix have ssh access to the private servers where the site is hosted (by Vaibhav) so we depend on him a lot at the moment, and cant keep demanding changes daily without proper planning. That is not practical in the long run. We still need to get the planet up and running, kwim ?
It makes more sense to get a team working right at the start (I understand when Sulamita talks about burn-out, time issues, etc..), something I'd rather not see happen with IndiChix. For this we have to increase the circle of trust and the faster we do it the better it is for the group. Also currently the women dont own the site domain which is ironical, being a grrls group and all that. Not sure about others but I find it absurd to call it a woman's group when women are playing second fiddle (read, scared of speaking their mind). Maybe women fear making mistakes (i know i do too) and being judged harshly on that prevents them from trying in the first place. In the technical world its almost rare to see women stepping up. Strangely, I rarely see men who commit -mistakes- blunders worrying about their image. i digress.

responsibility - authority == no show

One of the aim is to get women involved in every level in the community @ IndiChix, in which case we need to initiate open and transparent communication (which is very difficult as is, and almost impossible if one is constantly going to worry about inadvertently offending people) just like open source code.

Kick-starting that I mailed the IndiChix list (only subscribers can read archives) about the domain being transfered to atleast 2 grrls locally. Names suggested : Archana, Runa, Aneesha, Barkha, and Ankita. I guess responsibility without authority does not scale well in the free software community.... and since its a community it should be a community decision. So subscribe to the list and vote for any 2 grrls you prefer or if you are a 'chix, suggest your name and take over the responsibility. The third name I suggested was one of the TresChix, incase we local 'chix go MIA :)

Folks reading this, if you know grrls interested in web-development please ask them to join us and holler about themselves on the list and suggest ideas there.

(*) For most Bangalorean's distance is everything but here a commute of 15 km is a huge no-no, which is surprising for me. Well Mumbai has a reliable and efficient (albeit crowded) rail system, so people dont balk at travelling 68 km (incl. return trip/up-down) almost daily for work from Borivali to Churchgate (and back). But then folks there are the spirit of the city. There is no melting pot like it elsewhere.