Nope, this is not an 01-April joke. I decided to blog about this based on first-hand negative experience with HP-Compaq laptops this past week. Their service centre in Bangalore is horrible as far as customer service is concerned. My laptop is under a 1-year warranty and they have diagnosed the problem (the mother-board is kaput and needs to be replaced, the screen has dead pixels), but yet, they are pussy-footing on the issue. I was told it would take 6 months for parts to arrive from Singapore.

Apparently no chip/component level repair done in India so if the motherboard has to be replaced they will follow procedure, which is :

* Send email to logistics manager and wait for a reply since they have no clue if said part is available in India. No clue when he will reply but its according to company procedure.
* After sending an email they _wait_ for the concerned person to reply which could take forever and meanwhile if your warranty gets over, be prepared to fork out a wad of cash.
* Incase, they receive a reply on the parts, which is subject to availability since that particular model (V6320) is not manufactured anymore, the motherboard needs to be shipped to India (from Singapore) and they have no clue _when and if_ that will happen. In the person's own words : "It can take 2 weeks but will take 6 months. We cant commit anything".

In conclusion, instead of fast-tracking the same before the warranty gets over they are pussy-footing and giving excuses so that they can ask me to pay a fat sum for the motherboard replacement when the warranty gets over 3 weeks hence. Else (according to the local HP-compaq manager) I am supposed to take it back to the country of purchase and get it repaired there despite possessing an international warranty.

Nice customer service there HP. Bleed your customer for all they are worth.

I've learnt my lesson. I'll vote with my money next time and wont buy HP-Compaq laptops and a big thank you for the lousy customer service!