I was wondering why I was getting so many "are you ok?" sms [Yeah, I am OK], since my phone was jammed and I could not make any calls nor internet access.  That is when I came to know that there were 7 bomb blasts in Bangalore in the afternoon today and the police opine that the terror outfits SIMI and LeT are behind it.

Terrorist killings continue in Srinagar (capital of J&K) and in Jammu despite the J&K govt having been arm-twisted into withdrawing the order (40 ha land granted to the Amarnath board) amidst the strikes and attacks, or was this just coalition political gimmicks.

The fact is the Shrine board took years to get permission for the land as is wont when a country calls itself secular because it has for decades used the taxpayers money (RS.280 crores annually) to fund Hajj (pilgrims are flown for free to Mecca from Mumbai and Delhi by both national carriers, Air-India and Indian Airlines). Now some local Christian churches want the same concessions that the Indian government gives Hajj pilgrims [from DhimmiWatch (Indians use the word kafir so the word dhimmi to denote non-muslims is new)].

Its tragic when innocent citizens lose their lives in bomb blasts across Indian cities but there continues to be political apathy in taking firm action against terrorism.  This like many other crimes is going to be yet another statistic since the Indian governments has always lacked the political will power to bring criminals to justice and highlights our non-existent justice system.