Its been long since i wrote an entry on music, most of them are still in the learning/search stage but this entry is special.

Dear P, i am deviating from the norm here and am dedicating this raga entry to you on your big day :-) That you used to enjoy each raga was the common factor for me and I shall miss the passion you brought to music class. Most of all I shall miss all the leg pulling, laughter, secret signs, giggles, masti and hooliganism we indulged in class. This raga, especially  the song TAndanAnA ahi - BrahmamOkate, will always remind me of our practice sessions for our performance last year [and your dance (sorry, I had to say it ;-))]. Keep smiling, be happy :-) vid


Bowli is a madhyama-varjaya janyam of 15th Melakarta raga;mAyamALava gowLa janya. The scale is :

Arohan: s r1 g3 p d1 S
Avarohan: S n3 d1 p g3 r1 s

Talam : Adi

Here is another link for talam that has a good explanation about the theoretical bits.

Note that the Arohanam of Bowli does not have the Nishadha (N) which is left out making it a nishaada-varjaya in the arohana scaling. The most famous song in this raga is  "TAndanAnA ahi - BrahmamOkate", a fast paced telugu kriti (song) by Annamacharya.

Other songs in the same raga are :

0] anantAya sarvAya - HB

0] dIna janAvana - T

0] melukOvayya - T

0] parama purusha nirupamAna (also shhanmugapriyA) - AC

0] shambhO mahAdEva

0] shrIman nArAyaNa

0] tappulanniyu - HB

0] yOginI gaNasEvitE - HB