Touché, Craig ! At the Fridge we've been wanting to get all the loco's that had Ubuntu release parties and community events featured, but want to do that without treading on toes w.r.t. licence** issues. The team is working on some cool ideas at UDS and we want every loco team out there to send us articles, pictures, announcements, etc... of your local city-event on Ubuntu.

It does not matter if your event is small and was held in a college in foo-city/village/country. If it is Ubuntu related, it deserves to be on the Fridge and location does not matter. Frankly, a link from the Fridge can really drive traffic to your blog :)... [Caveat: make sure its a personal non-commercial blog and not related to your work-place/school/college or anything equally sticky... and puhleez no cheesy titles of 'Ubuntu with girl/boy-friends'. That would be the easiest way to not feature on the Fridge. You can do better.]

Go get creative folks! Submit of your stories (including pictures) should be sent to {fridge-devel (add@) lists (add.) ubuntu (add.) com}

** So does the CC cover issues like scrapers sponging off on your google juice? I've had issues with scrapers in the past, who according to SEO experts are parasites feeding on Adsense and dont deserve to sponge off me -- googling for the string "Vid" (my root, but its also a slang for 'video' in English) throws my blog within the first few hits, and thanks to both of them, my problem was solved. CC sounds good but apparently Google requires the authors copyright.