FSF-India (aka gnu.org.in) is the force behind fending off the pro-software patent lobby in India. Thus far they have done a very good job of resisting the legislation of software patents. This was the first agenda, among other things, discussed in the planning meeting to celebrate Software Freedom Day/Week from Sep20-27.

FSUG-Bangalore met at Sunil's office and he pampered us with drinks, pastries and snacks :). If i recall all the names correctly it was Edwin, Jayakumar, Renukaprasad, Sujith, Abhas, Senthil, Anivar, Sunil, Sreedhar, and me attending yesterday..... Did I miss 2 names? sorry :-/

Among other things we had suggestions for :

0] Celebrating GNU's 25 b'day.

1] Statewide contest,

2] Say No to Software Patent Campaign debate

3] Install fests,

4] Celebrating SFD with BMS, RV, Christ, St.Joseph's college students at multiple venues.

5] Banners, posters , etc... Corporates pitching in are always welcome.

AND more ....Over the next few days things will fall into place.