... or the lack of i ? hmm... thats coz I touch the books a few minutes before class, practice in class, return and it stays there till the next week when its time for the next class. Tsk.... its frustrating that i am unable to keep up my resolve to practice regularly and each weekend I feel guilty about it, so I am not sure if blogging about it is gonna change anything.

Today we continued with "Evari mata" a vilambit kala kriti by SriTyagaraja in Raag Kamboji. Its quite tough and definitely longer than any other kriti we have learnt thusfar, except perhaps the pancharatna kritis. The scales dip and rise so keeping up with the pallavi, A.P and charanam is by far the toughest. Needless to say that Telegu is a tough language but for me linguistic barriers are not important just so long as i can learn music. Its so easy to loose the svara and that is when I feel the pressure to practice more if I ever hope to pass the exams.

Till now I have never prepared for any government music exams and to be honest karnatic music exams were not promoted with the same gusto that Hindustani music has been in the Northern cities, and even if they are its not easy to find teachers who can match and train you in the deeper nuances of Karnatic/classical music. That needs patience, excellent knowledge and dedication to the art, a tall order for one human especially since the lucre and fame is manifold.