I had blogged about my bad experiences with auto-drivers in Bangalore which is something I am getting used to over time. In yet another incident, the driver refused to go where I wanted to go as it was a one-way road. That was just an excuse to fleece me, so I told him (repeatedly) that I would not pay the excess fare (above the meter) he demanded if he dropped me in the middle of nowhere, but he didnt take me seriously and stopped the vehicle, refusing to budge, all the while abusing me in Kannada.

Arguing with him was pointless so at this point I got out of the vehicle and he blocked my path and tried to get physical...bad idea ... I warned him that if he touched me i would not hesitate to hit him. Seeing this drama 4 bikers stopped their bikes around me. Seeing the crowd gathering the driver lost his bravado and settled for the meter fare (which is also rigged) and went his way. I just wanted to highlight the kindness of (& thank) those strangers who could have just gone by with their work and ignored someone in distress but did'nt. I wish more and more people would be like those men ... this city is not so bad afterall.