... of the 4-legged/feathered kind is the nicest way to pass a weekend. Back when I was a kid very few people kept pets at home so a weekend visit to the local zoo was de rigueur for me. To date I would have visited the zoo much more than even a temple !

Many folks I know keep pets and its interesting to see each animals unique personality come to life when humans interact with them. I enjoy seeing the animals exhibit child-like emotions when interacting with human beings and reserving their animal-like instincts and behaviour for the animal species. How the hell do they do that ?

Tuego's owners are old friends and its amazing how he can remember someone from around 4 years ago as he was just 3-4 months old when I last met him. Today he has grown-up to be the most docile, over-friendly and over-enthusiastic dog. I know better than to say my good-byes while standing on one leg fastening my shoes :-D

All the time I was missing the antics of K harassing C (the German Sheperd).  K is an attention-seeking, constantly jabbering parrot, who managed to redefine the word "mischief" for me. He was always up to his tricks (emulating us or the phone/cell ring tones) when he stayed over, so I used to enjoy teasing him with bits of different Indian classical raaga's. He used to pay a lot of attention but try as he might, never quite mastered it. Later they gave him away to another friend. Had he stayed on longer I would have trained him but after seeing Appa's strong reaction (prefers to see animals and birds as they are meant to be ... in the wild and free!) when K came home for the first time. I knew he would be upset and not like to see K in a cage and rightly so Appa kept K. company by talking to him for hours amd K just loved it, just lapped up all the attention like a 2-year old child.

Even if I wanted to it was simply not wise to release a bird, who was captured when only few days old, sold and now domesticated with no hunting or foraging skills. He would never survive in the wild. That is the saddest thing humans do - taking away an animal's right to be born, live and die freely. We are the worst species to walk the face of the earth as we don't hesitate to kill them for food or our pleasure. Anyway, today K. is apparently busy teaching and sharing his linguistic skills tricks (in 7 Indian languages plus English) with another feathered friend up North :-) I so look forward to meeting him again someday !!