The other day one cute lil chipmunk raided my kitchen and having run across the kitchen counter, i found him (her?) happily feasting on a bar of Mars that i had cut and left on a plate for future consumption. I seem to have a fascination for the 'lil chips or do they for me? atleast I like to think the latter is true :-).

Out of the 3 pieces he was munching on the second piece when i walked in and spoilt his party. While getting away (wow, are they agile or what) he did try to carry the piece he was eating but it was so heavy that he dropped it 2 feet away and scampered away.

The sight of a wild chipmunk devouring my chocolates could have been a pic-perfect moment but my attention was on the unhygenic aspect of a wild creature belonging to the rodent species frequenting my kitchen. Now I know better than to inadvertently invite squirrels and monkeys home and remember to keep the doors 'n windows shut.

I had kept other food stuff on the counter but the smart one ignored those and hit the chocolates... pretty much as smart as the kid next door who makes sure mom is not around before whispering "akka, chocki" with a sheepish smile, knowing well that i wont ever refuse.