Yay ! We just got our new mailing-list (thanks Terri :-)) which is being moved out of the yahoo groups (yahoo appends each mail with spammy links and whatnot, incredibly annoying...)

Last week Archu had sent me a file with all the subscribers, so i just finished mass subscribing them to the new list. But I am not aware if any new folks joined the list since that day (i am not an admin on the old yahoogroups list). Created a netiquette page (borrowed from here) on the wiki, but it needs work on the IRC and wiki editing guidelines. Am too sleepy to do it now [err.. its 4 am and i need to actually log off and get some sleep, rather than just thinking about it..... ]

Some hours ago I had suggested we do a meet-up in BLR. We are open to ideas, suggestions, need place to conduct meets regularly, so feel free to chime in. An oh, if anyone reading this wants to present their technical libre s-w work please reply to this thread. I had suggested this to Kushal (waiting for that mail) and he offered to help us out. See you there Kushal !
Besides the lovely weather in Bangalore, I find its easier to do things when you dont spend half your life travelling (read Mumbai) ...that alone gives some time to pursue other interests in life. I always envied folks back in Chennai (any city besides killer traffic Mumbai) who could catch a theatre or music concert on a week-day... simply unimaginable for a Mumbaikar !