LC-India is having a BoF on 2007-12-06 as part of at Bangalore and Runa had called me yesterday to talk about the banners and stickers that she has done for the event promotion. She has put in a lot of work and I especially liked the stickers if only we could find sponsors for printing the stickers !!

Besides lamenting discussing the lack of female volunteers in India, low interest rates in volunteering as a whole and other aspects of the community, we may also have to deal with low attendance rates at the BoF which kind of kills the very spirit of the whole thing.

Considering the fact that there is no dearth of skilled women in the Indian IT industry I am curious as to what keeps them away from libre software. Is it the lack of motivation or just that companies dont foster a "giving" attitude, rather than a "take" attitude?

This weekend I had a bad migrane thanks to the polluting fumes from all the Deepavali cracker-bursting, not to mention the noise levels. Weirdly a strong cup of kaapi helps but neither caffeine nor chocolates worked this time. Sleep did.