I remember reading an interesting post on "freedom without freewill" (which is unavailable now) but IIRC it spoke about "freedom" vis-a-vis hardware, certain aspects which are not really in our control and so on and so forth.

Reflecting on the human side, freedom, extended beyond the tech aspects, being abstract, is not easily defined, certainly open to (mis)interpretation and highly over-rated if not over simplified. I find that to be true for many situations and instances in our lives too.

Last week, Carla Schroder was featured on Ubuntu Weekly News - issue #40, for writing an article in Linuxtoday where she commends the Ubuntu community for enforcing the CoC by not giving carte blanche freedom to abstract notions of "freedom of speech".

There have been instances where offensive behaviour has not been tolerated with swift action being taken asap. I enjoy volunteering for a community which actually listens to less than 2% of its volunteers so seriously.