I have been off TV for almost a year now and life is peaceful minus all that information overdose. I had wanted to do this since a looong time now but have not completely transformed, so on rare ocassions when I do watch TV, I treat myself to Discovery, NG and Animal Planet. Imagine hearing "kahe kabir suno bhai sadho , bhatak maro mat koi" on MTV .... duh ??... whatever happened to all those semi-clad girls in remixed videos ?!

I decided to catch the full video this week and loved the message they were conveying. Its a new single "Sadho Re", a doha composed by Sant Kabir but rendered by the band Agni Agnee.

A literal translation sounds meaningless unless you peel the layer and look beyond mere words for the deeper message Kabir tries to convey because the doha (poem/song) actually talks of life, spirituality and death.

Deriding our perpetual quest and desire for all things materialistic, fame and fortune, he tells us to take a stark and realistic look at the world and our inner self. Reality is an illusion, does not exist and is impermanent in nature. If anything is permanent it is change itself. The doha ends with Kabir saying "naam anam anant rehat hai, duja tatva na hoi " plus that above line.

There is a lot more and its deeper so go listen to it, see it for yourself and form your own opinions. The video has put this message across very beautifully by juxtaposing contrasts, a little girl lost in the big bad city against stark visuals of a Hindu cremation ceremony.