I truly suck at keeping a web-diary log. I had started this entry last week (with A's intended arrival) and never did finish penning all my thoughts and then there is the unfinished draft on UW.... *sigh*

One all-nighter at the airport threw my sleeping patterns into a state of perpetual flux... or is it the 24x7 jabbering and trying to catch up on 4+ years in a week.... :-) Eitherway, Ma will hate the silence at home when we all leave, Ami next and me this week. Here's looking forward to running up huge bills in long-distance calls...*sheesh* !

After much mulling (and procrastination for years) I decided to finish some unfinished business - resume my martial arts training. I always regretted leaving it mid-way when I was 12 years old and despite weighing heavily on my mind for so many years I dunno why I never did anything about it.

During these years I managed to keep in touch with the basics, did yoga and trained at home whenever I found time, just to retain the edge so to speak. Its not good enough and deep inside, I missed training under a Sensei. the discipline, focus, self-control, patience, peace and stillness of mind that comes with it. I am keeping an open mind and decided not to be rigid and learn only one form (Karate). Probably I should try learning other arts like Taichi, Shaolin Kungfu. More than the physical benefits its the mental training that counts here so I would appreciate comments/experiences from anyone reading this, especially if you have trained in Taichi, Shaolin Kungfu or any other soft style arts.