Moving house is an icky experience and the only plus is ridding junk stuff collected over time. I remember reading somewhere that anything one has not used for over a year (or was that six months?) should be thrown out or given away.... bleh, do books unread for a year fall into that category?

All my stuff is still scattered and i spend more time searching for things in boxes which contain god knows what.... Why do weekend's end before beginning ??

After a long time I got to cook stuffed baingan with a masala of daals and roasted with imli paste, with roti, rice and kadi with fried vendakai. Gastronomical nirvana !!

Y'day i bought some plants for a garden i hope to create, yet again. They are still in plastic covers but i plan to buy some pots to re-transplant them.... i wonder where to buy earthworms for vermiculture? The nursery didn't have any for sale and i don't fancy digging up the public gardens for worms...& also need to buy mud (and time?) too...gee, this weekend got over even before it could begin.