I started writing this on Friday and in-between my h/disk decided to conk off. I never got around to posting this so I'll take a lazy way and just bump down the old entry and continue. In the last 2 years I have replaced almost every hardware that died on me. Perhaps it would have been cheaper to dump the whole thing and get a new set but whoever knew there would be h/w trouble every few months :-/ What a waste of time ... I had to reinstall from scratch by which time i would have finished up with stuff, there was tons of mail, Ubuntu stuff and a zillion other things which had to be done before I left. What an irritating thing to happen on a week-end.

June 01 :

Today morning I got some really good news :-) Congrats P, I cant wait to meet the new guy in your life :-D) Last week, I met another very special girl, ...... but keeping in mind their privacy, I shall not blog about it but atleast I can congratulate them for doing the right thing.
Yesterday I tried to make sabudana vada alone for the first time and to my surprise it came out well and got over almost immediately. Still I believe that men are better at cooking than women.... Atleast the ones I know are fabulous at it, which is surprising because none of these men have been trained in the traditional sense. On an average an Indian woman would have stepped into the kitchen atleast 3 times in a week to cook or atleast help out with a cooking-related task. Men on the other hand are not welcome in what most mother's consider their 'lil kingdom. So for that reason alone I am constantly amazed at the tasty stuff they conjure up in a jiffy. Probably they have more enthusiasm for food and cooking, a task that I consider mundane and totally avoidable.