Its pretty much well known that classical (hindustani and karnatic) music helps the healing process but a less touted fact is that they are mathematical by nature. I stumbled upon this while wondering how to get students to "practice" the basics which according to them is an extremely boring task. One 7-year old complained that it was not as easy as they imagined it to be. Perceptions !!
For the most part popular music shows on TV propagate a false impression that music is an easy way to get famous and rake in the moolah while ignoring the years of hardwork and practice behind it. I remember a "pushy mother" asking our guruji when her kid would be able to perform professionally on stage (exactly 2 days after she had enrolled the child), to which he replied " 2 decades".

While wondering how to encourage my students to "listen" and "think" about music I knew it was important to get the point across differently. That is when I saw that certain basic swara kalpanas(*) are palindromes and used that to introduce it vis-a-vis mathematics and computers. I was not sure how much (already overburdened) 5-9 year olds would grasp about the latter but they did find my explanation exciting. For now it worked :-) but I will have to constantly be a step ahead to retain their excitement (and mine too) !! Sometimes I wish I had continued learning Hindustani which would have been an interesting experience. Imagine being able to effortlessly construct and weave a raaga for as long as 30-45 minutes. Wow !!

(*) Swara kalpanas (improvised combinations of musical notes within a particular raaga's framework) are the toughest and the most beautiful part of a raaga. While it is somewhat flexible within the raaga structures, sometimes its difficult to get the nuances right. Probably thats why people good at mathematics easily follow and understand / appreciate different ragas even if they are not instrumentalists or vocalists themselves? I know folks who can easily spot the mistakes and discuss technical aspects which may not make much sense to the lay audience who just intend enjoying the music, peace, whatever....