I had sworn to stay away from the internet this weekend but could not resist a quick chat with $T when I noticed 3 bounce notices in my mail box for mails I never sent. Its very strange ..... two were from the ubuntu-in and ubuntu-id lists, while the third was from the ubuntu-devel-announce list. If I need to send a message to any list I can subscribe (even temporarily) for that duration so I guess its either a spammer or someone intending to harass me is smtp header spoofing my mail address to spam the ubuntu lists since one of the subject line was "sex-related" and folks who know me know I'd definitely not written it. I canceled the posting and sent the 3 header files to mailman AT lists.ubuntu.com and the individual list owners.

Even the ubuntu-women list was being heavily spammed since the last 3 months and the mods handled it really well but hand moderation has its limits, so a reset for the bounce feature has made life easy. According to Matthew Garrett its impossible to say if somebody spoofed headers with my email address forged as the sender. Its a pity that nothing can be done to stop such spammers.... What a creepy ending to an otherwise perfect day !!