Baishampayan Ghose, if you opine the Ubuntu-Women project is sexist and useless ; then why list yourself as a UW mentor, especially when you were never subscribed to the mailing list, nor participated, nor read or understood the goals of the UW and the Mentoring project in the first place. So what was the real purpose of subscribing to the list on the same day as this mail asking to be listed as a mentor in UW, after which you never bothered to reply to the mentoring survey, nor reply to this mail asking you to do so.
People are free to think whatever they like about *-women groups and I would not waste my time in explaining its existence or try to convince those who willfully choose to mis-interpret reality. Anyone seeking more answers with regards to the founding of the UW project can ask him why he approved it, or better still raise an agenda at the CC meeting. That is the official Ubuntu way!