My earlier entry on women in floss has earned me the dubious title of "militant feminist" [#].

Mr. Soumyadip Modak, for the record, some truths need to be stated.

0} The Indian Floss arena is not (was never/will not be) isolated and has many volunteers from Debian, Fedora, KDE, Gnome/Novell, and more who have synergized their working with the upstream and local community. I rarely see them flaming people every five minutes on mailing lists.

1} The Flosspols report, a well-respected statistical analysis funded by the EU, covers all aspects of points quoted vis-a-vis IRC, ESR, and hacker culture et al. Maybe its easier to shoot off a rude, mis-informed email than make an effort to read and understand what empirical studies and their statistical findings state, notwithstanding personal bias.

2} I did leave Ubuntu-IN because of the constant flaming indulged in from my first post announcing its creation. Flaming repeatedly (especially in disagreement), spoofing my email ID, are a violation of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, which an Ubuntu Member after signing the COC has broken repeatedly. On that basis alone I could have escalated the matter with the Council and chose not to when given the choice by one of the CC members. The list archives are available as are my other posts so if asking for openness and transparency is wrong you should have taken it up with the Community Council, which I understand is the final authority in Ubuntu.

Also I could have easily blogged this a long time ago (circa March 2006) but the Loco team was just starting out and decided not to do that out of consideration for other Ubuntu members.

3] I never took credit for anything more than I did....

1:28 G0SUB Hello, we are here to apply for `official status' for the Indian LoCo

but its easier to use my name when required to form the loco team (CC meeting log dated 2006-03-07 ) but deny everything else thereafter. I wonder why that is not very surprising.

4} Regarding the mailing list :

you were never the appropriate person to handle its mailing lists in the first place.

If anyone felt that I was not fit to hold the position they could have easily contacted Jeff Waugh and voiced their objections. I am not used to 10 mails per day (private and public) demanding the same thing over and over again so fed-up of the harassment I handed admin rights in less than 24 hours to the 3 people who asked for it on the list. That was not a community decision and I took the precaution of checking with Jeff Waugh and I still rate his opinion above yours.

5} The Community Structure : I had suggested many comments on the mailing list [March2006 archives] itself which is transparent and open but you were busy accusing me of sabotaging work (or some such equally ridiculous crap because the list wasnt under your control?). Less time would have been wasted if you and the 2 others had cared to try and understand what was being said in the first place.

6} Oh... feel free to "point fingers at me directly or otherwise", and here are some more points to ponder for my readers :

  • Does contributing to the community mean you can use community resources to host your private blog on Ubuntu servers :
  • Do you care to extend the same largesse to others involved in the Ubuntu-IN loco team?
  • How many Indian chapters or volunteers are encouraged or allowed to host pages for Ubuntu-local communities?

Why a seperate yardstick for other members in the community vis-a-vis the loco Council members whose rules were so carefully framed that it becomes impossible for newcomers to actually start somewhere. Remember, there is a first time for everyone and you just need to trust newcomers a bit more.

Does the Loco community really make the rules or a few in their name? If that is your definition of freedom... well... I rest my case.

Feel free to start flaming again....

[#] If someone knows what that means please leave a comment (moderated, but I assure that all comments, except spam will be approved).