Earlier this month I changed the theme template for my blog and used a nice one from Wordpress. To my horror, my blog was so horribly broken that I could not even log back and change the darn theme. Ever notice how everything that can go wrong does so at the same time. Well, at one point I was not sure if it was due to the CSS file that I had changed .... so to cut a long story short, an upgrade resolved it.

Among all this confusion, I wanted to change some images and started to use Gimp (finally), which I always found a wee bit intimidating. Ofcourse, its not easy to do a freehand sketches/designs using the bulky mouse and for that reason alone I still prefer a pencil and paper. I have yet learn how to create solid and symmetrical designs using Gimp (if that is possible) but the easier way would be to draw the designs on paper and scan for later editing. Hmm... will have to try that sometime !