{Authorship in bold.}

■ Peer Reviewed


The talk slides and presentation content are available in the IRA repository licensed under the AGPLv3 (for software snippets) and CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 (for presentation content) International Licenses.

  • Delegate, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC-2015) Houston, TX, USA ✶ 2015Oct14―16.
  • Delegate, PyData-2013 @NYC, New York  2013Nov08―10.
  • Speaker (Invited), “MongoDB and Gene Databases”, PyCon-CA, Toronto, Canada ✶ 2012Nov11.
  • Speaker, “How to contribute to FOSS”, Mukt.in, Hyderabad, India ✶ 2008Aug08.

List of talks, workshops and posters that were selected, but funding or travel restrictions prevented their conference presentation.

  • Speaker, PyData Berlin 2014, but travel restrictions (visa delay) prevented attendance ✶ 2014Jul21―27.
  • Poster, Title : “The Python and Perl of Bioinformatics”, PyCon (Santa Barbara), USA ✶ 2012.
  • Poster, Title : “Implementing GNUmed, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software”, PyCon (Atlanta), USA ✶ 2011.


  • Speaker (Invited), "Bootstrap your FOSS journey with Julia", FSMK-Camp, Bengaluru, India ✶ 2015Jul23.
  • Delegate, Asian Charge Density Workshop, IISc., Bengaluru, India ✶ 2015Feb23―26.
  • Organizer, weekly (free) Python workshops, Pyladies-BLR, CIS-India, Bengaluru, India ✶ 2013Dec01―2014Jan15.
  • Organizer, “Julia language workshop”, by Viral SHAH, Julia-lang core-developer, CIS-India, Bengaluru, India ✶ 2013Jun22.
  • Organizer, PyData (Pandas) Workshop and Sprint, by Chang SHE, Pandas core-developer, sponsored by the Python Software Foundation, NYC, USA ✶ 2012Dec16.
  • Organizer, weekly Python dojos (free) programming meetups, CIS-India, Bengaluru, India ✶ 2010Oct―2010Nov.
  • Delegate, Barcamp-Bangalore, IISc., Bengaluru, India ✶ 2007, 2008.


{ Legend: T = Travel expenses, A = Accommodation/Hotel costs, D = Delegate/Speaker registration fees }

  • Scholarship {T,A,D} from Axon (and private sponsors) to attend GHC-2015, Houston, TX, USA ✶ 2015Oct14―16.
  • Delegate (Diversity) scholarship {D} for PyData-2013@NYC, New York ✶ 2013Nov08―10.
  • Speaker grant {T,A,D} from Google Inc. to speak at PyCon-CA, Toronto, Canada ✶ 2012Nov09―11.
  • Delegate grant {T,A,D} from the Python Software Foundation to attend PyCon, Atlanta, USA ✶ 2010Feb17―23.

Unused grants:

  • Full Delegate grant {T,A,D} from Python Software Verband e.V. to attend EuroPython, but travel restrictions (visa delay) prevented attendance ✶ 2014Jul21―27.
  • Partial grant {T,A,D} for Speaker {2011, 2012} and Delegate {2013, 2014} from the Python Software Foundation to speak at and/or to attend PyCon ✶ Left unused each year due to insufficient international travel, accomodation and delegate funding.