• Presentation slides are available on Github and ORCID


{Authorship in bold.}

■ REFEREED PUBLICATIONS, https://pub.uni-bielefeld.de/person/79220472

  • 6 2019 :: Pietsch C, Schirrwagen J, Peil V, Ayer V. et al.; Conquaire: Coupling a local GitLab instance with an institutional repository for instant research data publications, Presented at the Open Science Confererce, Berlin.
  • 5 2019:: Schirrwagen J, Cimiano P, Ayer V. et al.; Expanding the Research Data Management Service Portfolio at Bielefeld University According to the Three-pillar Principle Towards Data FAIRness (2019), Data Science Journal 18(1): 6.
  • 4 2018 :: Schirrwagen J, Cimiano P, Ayer V. et al., Expanding the research data management service portfolio at Bielefeld University according to the three-pillar principle towards data FAIRness (2018). Presented at the Göttingen-CODATA RDM Symposium 2018, Göttingen.
  • 3 2017, Journal article :: Ayer V, Pietsch C, Vompras J; Conquaire: Towards an architecture supporting continuous quality control to ensure reproducibility of research, (2017), D-Lib Magazine 23(1/2).
  • 2 2017 :: Ayer V, Pietsch C, Vompras J, et al., Enabling Git based research data quality control for institutional repositories, Presented at the Research Data Alliance (RDA), Repository Platforms for Research Data IG, 9th Plenary meeting, Barcelona.


The talk slides and presentation content are available in the IRA repository licensed under the AGPLv3 (for software snippets) and CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 (for presentation content) International Licenses.

  • Delegate, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC-2015) Houston, TX, USA ✶ 2015Oct14―16.
  • Delegate, PyData-2013 @NYC, New York  2013Nov08―10.
  • Speaker (Invited), “MongoDB and Gene Databases”, PyCon-CA, Toronto, Canada ✶ 2012Nov11.
  • Speaker, “How to contribute to FOSS”, Mukt.in, Hyderabad, India ✶ 2008Aug08.

List of talks, workshops and posters that were selected, but funding or travel restrictions prevented their conference presentation.

  • Speaker, PyData Berlin 2014, but travel restrictions (visa delay) prevented attendance ✶ 2014Jul21―27.
  • Poster, Title : “The Python and Perl of Bioinformatics”, PyCon (Santa Barbara), USA ✶ 2012.
  • Poster, Title : “Implementing GNUmed, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software”, PyCon (Atlanta), USA ✶ 2011.


  • Speaker (Invited), "Bootstrap your FOSS journey with Julia", FSMK-Camp, Bengaluru, India ✶ 2015Jul23.
  • Delegate, Asian Charge Density Workshop, IISc., Bengaluru, India ✶ 2015Feb23―26.
  • Organizer, weekly (free) Python workshops, Pyladies-BLR, CIS-India, Bengaluru, India ✶ 2013Dec01―2014Jan15.
  • Organizer, “Julia language workshop”, by Viral SHAH, Julia-lang core-developer, CIS-India, Bengaluru, India ✶ 2013Jun22.
  • Organizer, PyData (Pandas) Workshop and Sprint, by Chang SHE, Pandas core-developer, sponsored by the Python Software Foundation, NYC, USA ✶ 2012Dec16.
  • Organizer, weekly Python dojos (free) programming meetups, CIS-India, Bengaluru, India ✶ 2010Oct―2010Nov.
  • Delegate, Barcamp-Bangalore, IISc., Bengaluru, India ✶ 2007, 2008.


{ Legend: T = Travel expenses, A = Accommodation/Hotel costs, D = Delegate/Speaker registration fees }

  • Scholarship {T,A,D} from Axon (and private sponsors) to attend GHC-2015, Houston, TX, USA ✶ 2015Oct14―16.
  • Delegate (Diversity) scholarship {D} for PyData-2013@NYC, New York ✶ 2013Nov08―10.
  • Speaker grant {T,A,D} from Google Inc. to speak at PyCon-CA, Toronto, Canada ✶ 2012Nov09―11.
  • Delegate grant {T,A,D} from the Python Software Foundation to attend PyCon, Atlanta, USA ✶ 2010Feb17―23.

Unused grants:

  • Full Delegate grant {T,A,D} from Python Software Verband e.V. to attend EuroPython, but travel restrictions (visa delay) prevented attendance ✶ 2014Jul21―27.
  • Partial grant {T,A,D} for Speaker {2011, 2012} and Delegate {2013, 2014} from the Python Software Foundation to speak at and/or to attend PyCon ✶ Left unused each year due to insufficient international travel, accomodation and delegate funding.