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स्वक्ष (SVAKSHA) is a helpful soul who uses the synecdoche {bahuvrihi in Sanskrit} mononym " स्वक्ष ", meaning "beautiful eyes" that philosophically characterizes the void , null or zero!

You are what your deepest desire is ;
As you desire, so is your intention ;
As your intention, so is your will ;
As is your will, so is your action ;
As is your action, so is your destiny || ~ Upanishads ||

SVAKSHA dedicates large amounts of her personal time to various FOSS projects because she enjoys the freedom of shared learning and helps create collaborative communities while fostering the spirit of sharing knowledge which teaches us to create knowledge for the universal humanity. The GNU-GPL philosophy was the inspiration for her to become a FOSS contributor and she strongly believes that the FOSS philosophy of sharing on an open platform improves the individuals learning process. She actively encourages and welcomes contributors working on collective Libre software development.

Thanks for reading!


Indian men are famous for their patriarchy, sexism, misogyny, sexual violence/assault, stalking, harassment and the generally abusive way they treat Indian women and sadly, the online world is no exception, where under the guise of "Foss", Indian men have sent me abusive private emails, death threats, unsolicited messages asking personal question, etc..

  • Privacy:: My first-hand experience with the negative behaviour within the Indian Foss community has made me rethink the privacy policy that these jerks exploit, namely, abuse in private, then invoke their privilege ("Right to privacy!") inorder to silence the victim (usually a women) from speaking up against their abusive behaviour. Not! Your right to privacy is not absolute, rather a privilege inherent with responsibility - It is a right you enjoy as long as its not abused, misinterpreted or twisted to enable you to harass and stalk women online and into silence. Off-list emails that are abusive and trollish will be publicly published or redirected to the respective mailing lists.
  • SpamInvites:: I've never had a Facebook account (and dont intend getting one), so dont send me any FB invites. The same goes for other social networks I'm not using. My lack of interest in joining every social website out there does not give you the right to spread rumors or make assumptions about my social life.
  • Language:: The preferred communication language is English - in the past, a few Indian men have sent me such emails, then got abusive when I didnt reply and write in their favorite Indian script. Given that India has 800+ languages, I know a very limited number of Indic scripts, so DONT write private emails asking personal questions in multiple Indic scripts - its SPAM whether you use the Queen's English or an Indic script. Also, Foss != dating site, so if you are looking for love, casual friendly chats, you are at the wrong place.
  • AgreeToDisagree:: Women exist online so your paths will cross, which isnt a license to disagree vehemently or insist on winning every argument. Dont be the ubiquitous sexist-jerk who sends death threats and spams via off-list emails (including IRC PM's) and/or stalk women who disagree with them online inorder to intimidate them into silence, take revenge or to teach women them a lesson. The GOI has statutes for Cyber-Crime and it has amended the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Criminal Law vide an Ordinance in 2013.[2]
  • WIT and Diversity discussion:: I abhor flame-wars disguised as "Why Diversity?" or the needless baiting in "Women-In-Tech" discussions that trolls women, an unproductive time-sink in Foss communities where the ratio of women core-devs is dismal - if women rarely participate in Foss their chances of becoming a core-dev is almost nil. The same goes for flame wars on editors, programming languages or its syntax, frameworks, OS wars, etc.. on mailing lists. While you are free to keep the discussion on the list, dont email me off-list to argue your point vehemently. That said, if you want information related to FOSS or want to contribute to the community projects I volunteer with, direct your question(s) to the respective mailing list, IRC channel or any forum that is public. Community responses increase collaboration and indirectly benefit other people with similar objectives, thanks to a larger number of people from all around the world being online 365x24x7 who will be able to help you faster than I can in private.

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[1] Please read the Instructions before contacting me

[2] This is available as a Gazette notification dated 03-Feb-2013 , which made stalking (including cyber-stalking) a criminal offence as per clause 6 section on "Stalking" 354D, that says "whoever monitors the use by a person of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication, or watches or spies on a person in a manner that results in a fear of violence or serious alarm or distress in the mind of such person, or interferes with the mental peace of such person, commits the offence of stalking." Here is a Press Information Bureau release of the gazette notification.