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स्वक्ष (SVAKSHA) loves technology and uses the synecdoche {bahuvrihi in Sanskrit} mononym " स्वक्ष ", meaning "beautiful eyes" that philosophically characterizes the void , null or zero!

You are what your deepest desire is ;
As you desire, so is your intention ;
As your intention, so is your will ;
As is your will, so is your action ;
As is your action, so is your destiny || ~ Upanishads ||

She dedicates large amounts of her personal time to contribute to various Libre / FOSS projects because she values the freedom of shared learning. She helps to create collaborative communities while fostering the spirit of sharing knowledge which teaches us to create unrestricted knowledge for the universal humanity. The GNU-GPL philosophy was the inspiration for her to become a contributing volunteer and she strongly believes that the FOSS philosophy of sharing on an open platform improves the individuals learning process. She actively encourages and welcomes contributors working on collective Libre software development.

Thanks for reading! Peace!

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