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Preferred Communication Language: English ** (see Note below)

1. Dont write private emails in multiple Indic scripts. I've received such emails from abusive men who expect replies in Indian scripts. Foss != dating site, so if you are looking for love, friendships, or casual chats you are at the wrong place. I'm not a social butterfly in the STEM / FLOSS world intent on gathering 5-digit twitter/FB followers, so dont spam me in multiple Indic scripts - Given that India has 800+ languages, I know a very limited number of Indic scripts.

2. Dont be the ubiquitous sexist-jerk, or ask personal questions via off-list emails (including IRC PM's).

3. I abhor flame-wars, stalking and needless baiting on communication networks - an unproductive time-sink. If you want information related to FLOSS or want to contribute to the Foss communities I volunteer with, please direct your question(s) to the respective mailing list or IRC channel.

Community responses increase collaboration and indirectly benefit other people with similar objectives, thanks to a larger number of people present 365x24x7 who might be able to help you much faster than I can in private.

Unfortunately, under the guise of "Foss", Indian men have sent me abusive private emails and my experience with all of the above behaviour within the Foss world has made me rethink the privacy policy that jerks exploit. Hence, I will redirect unnecessary private emails to the respective mailing list, also publish trolling and abusive emails.

Thanks for reading!


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