SVAKSHA is a computing professional who has published papers, spoken at conferences and is an active FOSS contributor from India. An autodidact technologist, she crafts code with cross-sectional interests in computational science and pure Science.

FOSS is the bedrock of the OpenAccess, OpenScience and OpenData movements and since 2005, she has worked with and contributed to the following projects:


JULIA  Contributor / Developer  2012―Present

  • Julia.jl , Creator+Maintainer, 2013Sep―Present :: Curated decibans of Julia language packages with useful information about related language resources as part of OpenData efforts.
  • 2013Jun22 :: Organized a one-day Julia-language workshop by Viral Shah the core-developer,, Bangalore, India.

Software Carpentry

  • SOFTWARE-CARPENTRY, Instructor training, 2014May―2014Sep :: The first Indian resident to complete the 14-week Software-Carpentry instructor training program to become an instructor on 2014Sep18. The tasks included teaching short lessons online, co-wrote the SQL setup page for the 2014-08-21-kiel workshop that was merged into the (erstwhile) 'bootcamp' repo via this commit .

 PYTHON  Contributor


 UBUNTU  Contributor


  • Ubuntu-Women , Founder, 2006Jan―Present :: Designed, created, wrote and maintained the contents for the initial static HTML pages (which was used till 2012), including some wiki pages on the UW website wiki. Currently, the administrator for the UW mailing list and IRC channel, provide technical support and mentor women to participate and contribute to FOSS. She became an Ubuntu member on 2006Aug22 but did not renew the membership when it expired in 2008.
  • 2006Jun―2011Apr :: She was an editor at Ubuntu-Fridge , and was on the Ubuntu bug-squad team till 2008. The Launchpad account and an old, unmaintained Ubuntu Wiki Page has details of old Ubuntu contributions.
  • Ubuntu-India , Co-founder, 2006Mar :: She left the team within a few weeks because of harassment , sexism and misogyny .

 LINUXCHIX  Contributor



 THE SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE  Bioinformatics Developer Intern

  • Worked on re-building the back-end architecture for an OpenAccess/OpenData gene annotation (bioinformatics) data retrieval and query service portal that served data with MongoDB in the backend. Speaker at Pycon-CA 2012 , Toronto.

 GOOGLE CODE-IN ■ APERTIUM ■ Technical Mentor


  • Mentored students with Apertium software usage and installation issues on Debian & Ubuntu OS.
  • Provided guidance for technical tasks and verified their technical work (translation quality) for the Hindi language tasks during Google Code-In.

 GOOGLE SUMMER OF CODE ■ SYSTERS ■ Student Developer Intern

  • Wrote Python code for the Patches, Release and Testing Automation Project for Systers , a US-registered non-profit organisation for Women in Computing.

KDE-WOMEN ■ Contributor

  • 2007Mar―2010May :: List administrator for the KDE-Women mailing list.

 DEBIAN ■ Contributor (Localization)

  • 2005Oct :: Wrote a Sanskrit (SA) language locale, available in the Debian package “belocs-locales-data” and also in package “locales (version: 2.3.5-6)”.

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