SVAKSHA is a computer science professional and an autodidact FOSS contributor and an advocate for open technology with interests in computational science, bioinformatics, OpenScience, OpenData and OpenAccess, and since 2005 she has worked within the following FOSS projects using the synecdoche (bahuvrihi in Sanskrit) mononym " स्वक्ष ", meaning "beautiful eyes" (which philosophically characterizes void, null or zero) :

MOZILLA SCIENCE :: Contributor and Software-Carpentry Instructor

 50-DI :: Maintainer

  • Creator and curator of 50-DI is a Diversity Index that lists grants, scholarships and FA that encourages diversity in STEM fields aimed at half the world's population - women (and those who identify as one) !

 JHBSPH :: Data modeling

  • Understanding infectious diseases to construct mathematical models to translate Epidemiological data into meaningful clinical policies.

 JULIA :: Contributor

  • Maintainer of Julia.jl containing curated decibans of Julia language and information about related packages.

 THE SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE :: Bioinformatics Developer Intern

  • Worked on re-building the back-end architecture as a flexible plugin for a gene annotation (bioinformatics) data retrieval and query service portal that served data with MongoDB in the backend. She gave a talk about it at Pycon-CA 2012, Toronto.


  • Mentored students with Apertium installation issues, provided guidance for technical tasks and verified the translation quality for the Hindi language tasks during Google Code-In, held from 2010-Nov to 2011-Jan.

 GOOGLE SUMMER OF CODE - SYSTERS :: Student Developer Intern

  • Wrote Python code for the Patches, Release and Testing Automation Project for Systers, a US-registered non-profit organisation for Women in Computing. In 2012, her code was used and integrated by the new students with the upstream mailman code base.

 PYTHON :: Contributor

 DEBIAN :: Contributor

  • Wrote a Sanskrit (SA) language locale in 2005-October, which is available in the Debian package “belocs-locales-data” and also in package “locales (version: 2.3.5-6)”.

 UBUNTU :: Contributor

  • Founder of Ubuntu-Women in 2006-January, for which she designed, created wrote and maintained the contents for the initial static HTML pages (which was used till 2012), including some wiki pages on the UW website wiki. Currently, she is the administrator for the UW mailing list and IRC channel, and also provides technical support and mentors women to participate and contribute to FOSS.
  • She was also an editor at Ubuntu-Fridge from 2006-2011, helped with the Ubuntu bug-squad team till 2008. On 2006-Aug-22, she had applied and became an Ubuntu member but did not renew the membership when it expired in 2008. Here is an old, unmaintained Ubuntu Wiki Page and a Launchpad account which contains details of older Ubuntu work.
  • Co-founded the Ubuntu-India team in 2006-March, but left the team within a few weeks because of sexism, harassment and misogyny.

 KDE-WOMEN :: Contributor

  • Was the list administrator for the KDE-Women mailing list from 2007-March to 2010-May.

 LINUXCHIX :: Contributor



You are what your deepest desire is ;
As you desire, so is your intention ;
As your intention, so is your will ;
As is your will, so is your deed ;
As is your deed, so is your destiny || ~ Upanishads ||

स्वक्ष / SVAKSHA  is a helpful soul who dedicates large amounts of her personal time to various FOSS projects because she enjoys the freedom of shared learning and helps create collaborative communities while fostering the spirit of sharing knowledge which teaches us to create knowledge for the universal humanity. Since the GNU-GPL philosophy was the inspiration for her to become a FOSS contributor, she believes that an open platform aids individual learning and actively encourages and welcomes contributors working on collective Libre software development.

This being her personal blog, is aggregated on planets that allow full feeds, since FOSS software is just one facet of her life and her creative literary urge is inversely proportional to her revulsion for publicity and site-hits, which is directly proportional to the degree of laziness that motivates her to musically annotate posts crafted with care, while ranting about "politic(ian)s and corruption or sexism and the terrible state of women in India", the violence women endure, all of which definitely need a lot of brain food. She takes Downes advice for bloggers seriously!

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॥ स्वक्ष ॥ SVAKSHA