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2008 January 4 [Friday]


Is it just me or do most people find hospitals dull, dreary and depressing.... :(

2007 December 26 [Wednesday]


  • Bees love to dance..... Who could have thought that these tiny creatures with that nasty sting could be so smart and organised, pretty impressive ;-)
  • We know how politicians will stoop to any level to retain power at all costs ... the easiest is : Divide and Rule policy.
  • Music is food for brain !
  • How true... reminds me of a guy telling me he had a great sense of humor, he loved making fun of other people, ughh....
  • Merry Xmas and Happy New Year :)

2007 November 23 [Friday]


I had started reading a book on 'applied discrete structures' about a month ago and just managed to finish combinatorics and logic... shucks....or maybe i should try blogging my slow progress but then i am an irregular blogger ;-) and i still have not reached the best part : graph theory, trees, boolean algebra.

Logic is interesting but only 5 pages per day is an unrealistic target, but the problem is that its not a novel whose pages can be flipped and I miss cross-referencing which makes it easier to understand stuff.

The problem lies in the fact that there is much to do and learn - a Postgresql course by MichelleMurrain over the next few weeks ...bad timing for me..., but its spread over till Feb 08, so i will have tons to catchup and learn.

Right now, its 4 am...time for some shut-eye !!

2007 October 24 [Wednesday]


The annual Saraswati puja each Dasara provides the opportunity to dust some books and rid them of silverfish... Phew, its not so bad, but nowadays I hardly read books .... sucks ... Partly due to the internet, laziness and the habit of googling. Whoever wants to leaf through musty yellow pages....

........ but this year, as an ode to NN and our old team, I decided to start reading the books before returning them to gather dust on the shelf. As much as I admire his dedication and concentration [of finishing 10 pages a day or no sleep], 5 pages seems like a mini hill for me ... but I do miss that environment and our team had so much fun yet managed to learn stuff. In the spirit of things I have sitting next to me an 'applied discrete structures' book and i am hoping to cover some ground ... the inherent logic should isomorph a transition ~ silverfish.

2007 October 20 [Saturday]

Ubuntu and Utsav

"Ubuntu is strongly based on Debian and (going deeper) GNU/Linux". Many community members are voicing their thoughts in favor of Debian and some have even filed bugs #154274 on LP , since DD's had blogged about not crediting Debian visibly in the latest Gutsy release. Paul had suggested we keep a page similar to MacOSX's "foundations" summary which sounds workable. Ubuntu/Canonical knows and does recognize the foundation on which it is built upon but the website when searched for "Debian" gives this result whilst a search for "GNU/Linux" gave fewer meaningful results. I hope that changes soon and GNU/Linux and Debian get their place under the sun (now is that another TM violation :-P).

Happy shubh Dashera, and with that ends 10 days of fun ...until next year ...:) but hey i still have deepavali to look forward to. Thankfully we have a festival every other month so its nice in a way but too much work [hint: cooking] and socialising. Russell had blogged about caring for your introvert which is so not happening in the Indian context ... I can just imagine the reaction my nosy colleague/neighbour /acquaintance (add people of choice) would have if I had to wave that under their nose, they would probably just tear it up as "bakwas, stop being so snooty".

2007 September 23 [Sunday]

nice guys

I had blogged about my bad experiences with auto-drivers in Bangalore which is something I am getting used to over time. In yet another incident, the driver refused to go where I wanted to go as it was a one-way road. That was just an excuse to fleece me, so I told him (repeatedly) that I would not pay the excess fare (above the meter) he demanded if he dropped me in the middle of nowhere, but he didnt take me seriously and stopped the vehicle, refusing to budge, all the while abusing me in Kannada.

Arguing with him was pointless so at this point I got out of the vehicle and he blocked my path and tried to get physical...bad idea ... I warned him that if he touched me i would not hesitate to hit him. Seeing this drama 4 bikers stopped their bikes around me. Seeing the crowd gathering the driver lost his bravado and settled for the meter fare (which is also rigged) and went his way. I just wanted to highlight the kindness of (& thank) those strangers who could have just gone by with their work and ignored someone in distress but did'nt. I wish more and more people would be like those men ... this city is not so bad afterall.

2007 August 11 [Saturday]

almost on page3

There was a media party this week and if anything we were having a blast. The media was there in full force and I almost made it to the page 3 ....I realised it when I saw the pictures in the papers and that too coz I knew where I was standing.

Knowing my distaste for publicity thankfully my face was not fully visible.... but yet i got ribbed for my claim to fame being - the crown of my head ... hehe !

After the earlier bad experiences I must say thanks to all my friends and colleagues who take the trouble to drop me home and/or shove me out of the office....Thanks y'all :)

2007 April 27 [Friday]

spineful living

The following is by Carla Schroder who is conducting an online course at LinuxChix.

1. The right to feel good about yourself
2. The right to act in ways that promote your dignity and self-respect as long as others' rights are not violated in the process
3. The right to be treated with respect
4. The right to say "No!" and not feel guilty
5. The right to experience and to express your feelings
6. The right to slow down and think
7. The right to change your mind
8. The right to ask for what you want
9. The right to do less than you are humanly capable of doing
10. The right to ask for information
11. The right to make mistakes

She calls it "Basic Human Rights" but if logically and philosophically (minus the religious, socio-political connotations) analysed, it is what we call "karma" !

In a different context it reminds me of all those discussions, intense (yet polite) debates I used to frequently indulge in with the heads of some Buddhist and Hindu circles. Surprisingly each of them said that I was the only person with whom they enjoyed tarkam (logical arguments), exchanged ideas, viewpoints and information they were reluctant to pass it on to the average lay person who in all probability did not want to listen either -- I was asked to write for their magazine(s) but declined, for various reasons, chiefly because as Nini put it  succintly "Most people use red herrings to argue for the sake of arguing -- This is when _logic and understanding_ flies out the window and all the energy is concentrated on verbally brow-beating the opposite person into agreeing with us only".

it would be impossible to be completely truthful about getting the message across without sugar-coating or pandering to people's preconceived biases and illogical notions of Religion -- which as we know (or are taught/learn/practice) in todays socio-political scenario is vastly different from what it was meant to be in my personal opinion. But hey, are are individuals interested or ready to accept the truth? Ahh.. not when you can use it as a _control_ tool. 

2006 April 27 [Thursday]


i had stopped practising a few months ago much to A's chagrin, but this week i started music practice again and needless to say it was simply great :-) || why did i ever stop ?? while i understand the importance of regular practice sometimes its difficult to simply produce a piece on demand and its certainly not similar to listening to recorded music at the press of a button || far from it .... unless i feel the music inside the output is not satisfactory and even if people cant tell the difference or spot errors, i can feel it and that is irritating || its a cyclic situation really, but i hope to keep this going ||

like NN said atleast it stops the chattering monkey mind so thats a huge plus || even then mere words cannot describe the melody and rhythmic patterns of a raaga which are based on the time of the day but very few people even know that and all efforts to find this information has been met with no success whatsoever || i wish teachers would take more interest in the finer details rather than just imparting a song and being done with it || analysing and teaching the finer details for each raaga needs a lot of time, dedication and patience but if they dont care today, the next level will have scarcer information than what is available today ||

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