I wish the squirrels outside my window would pose long enough like these so i can get a picture of them too. Sadly, they fear the crows and a neighbour's dog who takes great pleasure in chasing them around. Being involved in some task, I tend to forget to keep a meal for them. But, to my surprise, this gang never misses any weekend treats with a punctuality record that I could not match even if i tried.

One sunday i heard a loud whistling sound near the window, much like a parrot (another species i have spent years with) and excited at the thought of seeing a wild parrot at my window i was surprised to see this little imp of a rascal darting around (maybe he was reprimanding me for being mean and forgetting to treat him, i dunno) with 2 others waiting on the trees.

What surprises me is their clockwork-like sense of time. I would so love to know how do they keep time and day of the week, know who is present and identify which person will feed them and which wont, detect food buried in the ground and distinguish which is palatable or not, sense danger from a distance, communicate with each other (and sometimes across different species too), sense a change in weather (while we humans are totally dependent on man-made tools to aid us for the simplest of tasks).

As humans, we may be biologically superior due to our ability to harness our brain power, linguistic and speaking skills, tool-making skills, etc... and yet, I find that nature has bestowed animals with many skills and abilities and basic survival skills which we dont have.

As a kid my favourite weekend activity was a trip to the zoo, -which ofcourse bored everyone to tears-, so i feel sorry to see many animal species adapt to a hostile Urban-jungle environments. For our own sake, I hope these nimble-footed rascals survive to scamper around freely like a bolt of lightning. Its a treat to watch them.