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This category includes any Job posting I want to pass around.

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2010 May 16 [Sunday]

a commercial opportunity

A visiting professor wrote about a commercial opportunity available at their college which is looking for folks who can set up a bulletin board and forum to answer questions from students. Here is a brief write up of the job:

a) Are you the one who can answer all the following questions without flipping / blowing your top off :
1) How can I use the vi editor to edit my file? What is Couchdb?
2) How can I compile my program better than typing javac myProgram.java / How can I use the Facebook OpenGraph API?

b) Are you someone who is willing to be surrounded by young minds willing to learn and open to learning new stuff? Are you willing to try new stuff that can help improve the spread of knowledge

c) Do you feel stifled by your job and are willing to try out the new technologies before settling on a steady corporate job? Have you wanted to improve the quality of learning? Have you yearned for infrastructure to try your ideas but did not find it. For example do you want to try a cluster ? Do you want to play around with Clojure and want a couple of interns / bright minds who can help you try Proof Of Concept ideas ?

d) Are you good in setting up forums / moderating online technical forums

e) Are you in Bangalore?

If all the above excites you and you want to contribute to the making of the next generation education institution this is your choice. Send a mail to nextgenerationbangalore@gmail.com with your resume and a short write up on why you fit the bill and we can start talking.

2009 November 21 [Saturday]


Narendra started and maintains fossjobs.in, an new India-centric job-board for all those Libre software jobs. Its a welcome change to see the clean interface sans any Advertisements with a  readable font size, an important part of usability which many sites seem to ignore.

Another "nice"feature is the non-requirement to create-yet-another-account-to-post...yay!! Click on "post a new job" and voila! The job-type has just 5 listings (Full-time,  Part-time, Freelance, Volunteer, Work from home,) but it would be nice to have "contract/job-work"or even "temporary work" for those short-term assignments that folks may be interested in working on. There is RSS and a twitter stream for all jobs posted. C00L work this :)

2008 September 22 [Monday]

Linuxchix Jobposts list

At the OCC meetup on Sunday, I met folks who mentioned the tough time they had finding women who were comfortable working on the Linux platform in their startups. Naturally I asked them to use the job-posts list at LinuxChix if they were not picky about a physical presence in Bangalore.

WHAT is ... ?

LinuxChix is global, and Job-posts can do better if we have a bigger range of jobs, thence being the resource for LC'xers all over the world in the computing field. As a company you can advertise junior and intermediate positions on this list.

WHAT to do?

Post your job requirements to jobposts AT linuxchix DOT org ! (You do NOT need to be subscribed to mail us-- even if you are, your message will be held for approval, so there's no point subscribing.)  Even if your job is open to, say, Indian citizens only and requires that people move to Bangalore without relocation expenses, that's OK (although you should state that in your mail-ad).

If you are looking to hire for your company, just send a copy of your ad to jobposts@linuxchix.org with this information ::

- specify the country you are in and if international applicants are eligible to apply.

- would they need to relocate to your city/country, etc...

- do you accept applicants without current work visas (or telecommuters).

- provide an email id people doing the hiring can be contacted.

UPDATE : a longer set of guidelines for this list is available here.

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